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DEFININGMindInstinctive MindSocial MindCivil MindCyber MindIn the history of Earth
evolution of MIND
represents an event
as momentous as the
origin of LIFE itself !


Freeology makes no claim to be a science but instead is a philosophic endeavor to define, codify and understand the abstract nature of MIND, in a similar manner as Charles Darwin, “Origin of the Species”  defined and codified biological evolution.


Chemical, mechanical and organic systems are controlled by natural forces which are addressed by the scientific discipline of physics, chemistry and biology.

Cybernetics, the theoretical study of control processes in chemical, biological, mechanical and electronic systems will be the starting point in our endeavor to define mind. The electronic computer is comprised of two basic things. One is the Hardware and the other is the abstract Software or program memory code which controls the hardware. The RNA and DNA molecule biologically operates in the same manner except it uses a four-letter protein memory code instead of a two-letter electronic code. The physical and geometric structure and shape of these unique molecules allows them to replicate and evolve into systems which are identified as life or living things. Select life forms developed and evolved neural Hardware and Brain systems which support abstract software or program codes which are identified as


Mind is totally abstract and originates from external stimulation of  biological  sensors with neural pathways into the  neurological brain!

Where have we been?

Where are we now?

Our home

The sheltering abode of life & mind

Help us evolve out of the darkness of ignorance and superstition upon which bigotry and hypocrisy thrives.

Question not whether you believe like me, or me like you,

but whether together we can ethically and morally strive

to make the world a better place.

A world not marred by you and me.

A world where our mortality is perpetuated

by an evolving continuum of an intelligent life form

which will look back upon our time,

And be proud and joyful

of our existence on Earth.


1935 Ray Allen Woods  20??

Creator of Tetranometry, Freeology and a

 Map of the Human Mind

Where are we going?

     Like Geology, the time line map of the abstract mind is illustrated and studied as Eras. Freeology labels the first era as Instinctive mind, second era the Social mind, third era the Civil mind and the fourth era the Cyber mind.

            When biologically conceived we are devoid of mind and it is each individuals sensory systems which initially develop and programs an Instinctive mind.  It is the family which in most cases uses the evolved biological hardware of the auditory parts of a child’s brain to input language.  This code of sounds is introduced even to the unborn fetus, and within the first year after birth basic language skills are developing and creating within the child’s brain an abstract Social mind.

           Prior to the development of the Social mind, in both the individual and our biological ancestors, the Instinctive mind  develops by the inputting into the brain stimuli from the basic senses of taste, smell, hearing, sight, touch and the sense of equilibrium.  It is from these stimuli that a neurological memory system is developed, and over time an awareness of the past the future and a conscious awareness of the present is developed.  This stage of development happens before, and is the foundation upon which, the Social mind is formed.

            Verbal language is an abstract code of sound created by human beings which has been passed down and embellished through the ages by our ancestral family.  It is this auditory code of language which is nurtured and taught to each individual that creates a Social mind. Approximately ten thousand years ago a paradigm shift developed. Language had evolved and become very sophisticated. The Social mind had made possible a large social order of family clans and tribes and a awareness of time and space.

           At this juncture in the development of the human mind a new form of abstract programming started to become coded, and visual symbolism produced a new form of memory external of the brain around which the Civil mind is centered.  Today most individuals are capable of being programmed to understand symbolic visual language codes around which reading, writing and arithmetic lay the ground rules for the Civil mind to develop.

           In most mature individuals today one of three primary mind­-sets prevail, either the Instinctive mind,  the Social mind or the Civil mind becomes the controlling processor with the other two mind-sets processing in the background.

            Two physical hemispheres in the brain in conjunction with indoctrination, propaganda, experience and education all influence the social and civil mind process producing a Dichotomy of mind and individuals that tends to be either more liberal or conservative in their thinking.

           A normal-functioning brain supports a mind that can switch time modes allowing the individual to mentally reside and think in either the past, the future or concentrate on the time between. Thinking or dreaming in any of these time modes can be done in a verbal/social mind-set,  a visual/civil mind-set or even in an emotional/instinctive mind-set.

           Creative thinking injects another tool into the mental process which is mental projection. A two year old child normally has difficulty projecting their mind outside of their self-centered world but with time and training, empathy and respect for others can be developed. It is interesting to hypothesize when mental projection started to have a major influence on civilization. Around six hundred B.C., creative thinkers like the Buddha in India, Confucius in China and Pythagoras in the Greek world all were able to mentally project themselves outside of their physical presence and view the world in a different way. Even today it is difficult for most people to think outside of themselves.

           Creative individuals today are capable of projecting their mind outside of themselves in both time and space. Music is a creative endeavor where the individual can imagine an emotion such as happiness or sadness in their Instinctive mind and create a sound code in the auditory Social mind. The individual can then convert it to a visual code in the Civil mind using a written symbolic system, thus storing this sound code outside the human brain so it can be shared with others.

           In recent times in the western world the astronomer Copernicus, using his observations along with historical records of ancient ideas, was able to project his reasoning outside of forced church indoctrination. Newton took these ideas and injected time mathematically into space. A few years later Einstein, the master of daydreaming and projected reasoning, created the idea of relativity.

           Scientific and mathematical reasoning has allowed the modern Civil mind to split and fuse atoms and even go to the moon, but we are still inflicted with a physical brain with two hemispheres which supports the cloud of schizophrenia, hypochondria and paranoia.  This in turn allows civil institutions to use propaganda and indoctrination to infuse insecurity, bigotry, hypocrisy and superstition into the thinking of the majority of the people of our world.

           The Civil mind has created outside of the brain a vast store house of knowledge all in the past few thousand years. It has been parceled out in coded printed form to the literate people of the world and more recently in the form of  music, radio and TV.

           Today we have become involved in another paradigm shift.  Around 1950 the chemical code of biological life was deciphered. We now understand that language and music is a sound code and that  this sound code can be stored symbolically outside of the human brain. Today we have individuals who can use a type of mental reasoning that goes beyond Instinctive reasoning, Social reasoning or Civil reasoning. It is Cyber reasoning; a mental process supported by instant worldwide communication and digitized access to a storehouse of knowledge and ideas designed around electronics and fiber optics. This infrastructure is extremely fragile and susceptible to being institutionally manipulated.

           The Cyber mind is structured around cybernetics or the knowledge and understanding of control systems.

           Intelligence is a measure of the innate capacity of the biological brain and this capacity can be compared and measured. Intelligence varies from individual to individual and this variance has a direct bearing on how the mind processes the neural input of the senses.

           In an electronic computer the processor speed and the memory capacity can also be measured and like the human mind it is the programming of the abstract software that determines the output.

[Division into two usually contradictory parts or opinions.]


           You and I and the major portion of animals have a neurological brain with two discernible hemispheres. Why have we biologically evolved in this manner? The most logical answer is that two processing centers working together promote the survival of individuals and the species.

           By analyzing right brain and left brain neurological activity it appears that fear, love, many of our emotions and beliefs are right brain processed.

           Left hemispheric brain activity appears to process the individuals sensual experiences in a more analytical and logical manner.

           Analog duality which is made possible by the two hemispheres of the brain no doubt allows a great amount of diversification and variation in the output of the human mind. In the normal human brain our emotions and beliefs appear to be processed in the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere of the brain normally processes knowledge.

           Freeology is a philosophical endeavor to help the individual live a fuller more rewarding life and to process knowledge within the realm of reality.





The study of the evolution and development

of the human mind leading to the

creation of a Time Line Map

and a philosophy for a

free enlightened


Phylogeny        Ontogeny

Evolution of the Homo sapiens                                         Development of a Human individual

Point in Time                                                                           Point in Life


     ???                ---(Instinctive mind)---             @ birth

 ???                    ------Bipedalism-----                  1st  year

Language               ------(Social mind)-----            1st  year

Family                         -----Empathy-----               2nd year

Clan                             ----Numeracy----               3rd  year

Mesopotamia            -----(Civil mind)-----            4th  year

Pythagoras           ---Projected Reasoning---        8th  year

Greece                         -----Democracy-----          13th  year

Magna Charta            -------Liberty-------           16th  year

U S Constitution          -----Freedom-----             18th  year

1950 AD                       ---(Cyber mind)---           24th  year

2000 AD                  -­­-­-Freeologist----              50th  year












   The universe which surrounds us is studied and comprehended by    scientific disciplines. Scientific understanding of the physical and biological realms is a prerequisite to understanding the mind.

  Superstition and supernatural conjectures reside outside of freeology.

  Today the individual human being who resides in a political system which grants liberty and access to knowledge can attempt to pursue freedoom beyond the civil mind-set and institutional obligations. The premise of freedoom is that you as an individual are FREE to choose, influence and shape your own DOOM.          

  Freeology is the study and pursuit of personal freedoom and a cyber intellect. Like a tetrahedron, freedoom has four facets, sides or faces.  If all the facets are in balance and equal, then adding to or subtracting from any side changes the volume or size of personal freedoom.

  Biologically, under ideal circumstances, an individual today has a life span of approximately 90 years to construct a framework of freedoom.

  Freeology identifies these facets of freedoom as Physical freedoom, Mental freedoom, Political freedoom and Economic freedoom.