Of four eras

           Civilization has been a creation of mind and was preceded by the development of a highly evolved Social Mind and a verbal society which all of civilization is centered around.  

           By four years the normal child’s verbal skills have developed and are capable of being introduced to the symbolic disciplines of reading, writing and mathematics upon which the Civil Mind is centered.

           Around ten thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, Egypt and later in Asia and the Americas a sophisticated symbolic memory system external of the human brain was perfected and later evolved into a phonetic system of writing and reading. The mathematical portion of this symbolic system is today the universal language around which science is structured.

           Institutions and their bureaucracy have evolved and today encompass and dominate most of the world. Prior to institutions the individual human brain was the memory system which was passed down verbally from generation to generation. Socially minded, verbally sophisticated individuals capitalized on superstition and physical force to gain power. Institutions are the foundation of civilization. Religious, political and economic bureaucracies utilize verbal rhetoric, and visual symbolism to incite patriotism and beliefs.

           Ethical beliefs, superstition and social rules have been codified into laws. Knowledge has flourished along with war, greed and the lust for power. Today many humans live in a bureaucratic quagmire of ecological degradation, indentured servitude, poverty and fear.

           In the ten thousand or so years of the development of civilization the biological domestication of human beings has taken place very rapidly.

           Freeology is an attempt to allow the individual to reason outside the civil conundrum and plot an intelligent path to the future instead of being blinded by institutional beliefs, superstition, fear and ignorance.

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April 21 / 2016 Updated