Of four eras 

cy·ber·net·ics [sbər néttiks]

           Study of automatic control systems: the science or study of communication in organisms, organic processes, and mechanical or electronic systems. 

           Recognizing and classifying a paradigm shift in the evolution of the human mind adds one more chapter to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and The Decent of Man. Two hundred years of clarification and understanding of reality has given the mind of the Homo sapiens the knowledge and ability to define and plot the path that the evolution of the human mind has taken.

           Deciphering the cybernetic control system of DNA and RNA along with the rapid evolution of the electronic computer has allowed rational individuals with backgrounds in scientific knowledge to experience a mindset beyond the civil mind.

           Why is the development of the Cyber mind discernibly different than the Civil mind? First we must understand that civilization is constructed around a framework of institutions which in turn are based upon symbolism, beliefs and patriotism. This symbiotic relationship degrades individuals into secondary and dispensable beings. Institutions are self perpetuating entities which generally find personal freedom abhorrent and base their structure and survival around the servitude, taxation and domestication of individuals.

           Symbiotically the abstract social mind of many individuals working together has created self perpetuating civil intuitions.

           Likewise symbiotically the abstract Cyber mind has the potential of creating, controlling and understanding Cyber institutions which compliment the individual human being rather than indenturing the individual with superstitious belief in Religion, patriotic servitude in war, poverty and the biological domestication of human beings into servants of institutions.

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April 7 / 2016 Updated