Of four eras

           When the molecular structure of the RNA and DNA molecule was deciphered it gave science the key to understanding the basic memory system of life forms which have over eons of time evolved into human beings. The carbon based helix coil molecule memory system with its base four coding and its ability to replicate and mutate has existed intact for billions of years.    

            One evolutionary root was the development of neurons which transfer information chemically and electronically, eventually evolving through the ages into a complex system which is referred to as a neurological brain.

           A human child born today comes into the world possessing a highly evolved brain system with tremendous potential. Stimulation of the senses develops neurological activity in the brain which can self program a biological memory system and become the instinctive mind.

           Many living life forms possess instincts and some of the higher life forms possibly have the potential to develop a rudimentary instinctive mind. Self awareness appears to be the foundation upon which the mind is structured.

           Before verbal language evolved our fore bearers relied on the instinctive mind for survival. And like the child born today the instinctive mind continually evolves and becomes more acute throughout the life of the individual.

           The human has a neurological split brain which has two major processing centers. Generally the right side of the brain tends to deal with emotions, and is programmed with abstract indoctrination; where as the left side of the brain is programmed with concrete knowledge from  sensory derived experiences.

           The real world disciplines of Science being left brain centered knowledge and Theology and the supernatural beliefs tend to be right brain centered.

           Language marks the paradigm shift between the instinctual Mind and the social Mind even though the instinctual mind is capable of continual development throughout the life of the individual.

           Our human neurological brain is extremely versatile. The centers of memory and neurological output from the brain vary from individual to individual and can be reprogrammed into different hemispheric regions.

           Ancestrally, which evolved first, bipedalism or language? In the case of a modern human child both bipedalism and language are usually taught together.

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April 21 / 2016 Updated