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Freeology:  A synergetic analysis of Mind, which is philosophically and religiously decreed as the human "soul".

At the apex of biological evolution are the Homo sapiens, a biological conglomeration of symbiotic systems that are replicated as individual human beings.      (like you and me!)

Not since anaerobic life forms appeared on Earth eons ago and depleted the atmospheric carbon through geological sequestering and thus allowing the atmosphere to become toxic with oxygen, has a biological life form changed the earth more than human beings. (like we are doing today!)

Biologically human beings are not unique! What makes humans different is the ability to pass on from generation to generation a memory system that is outside of the biological realm.  This abstract memory system is what Freeology defines as Mind.      (like Your mind!)

Auditory language is and has been the major tool that humans utilize to structure society. The major storage and processing center is the human brain. Freeology defines the product or output of the human brain as the Social Mind.    (which you were taught, given or acquired shortly after birth)

Arithmetic, writing and reading are symbolic tools which are utilized to augment the biological memory system of the human brain. With these tools institutions were formed upon the foundation laid by the Social Mind thus creating a paradigm shift in thinking that Freeology defines as a Civil Mind.   Institutions are entities which make up civilization.

Beyond the Social Mind and the Civil Mind is a configuration of Mind that can discern the  structuring and control mechanisms within reality.  Freeology defines this mind set as Cyber Mind. Charles Darwin reasoned utilizing a Cyber Mind set in creating the theory of biological evolution. Cyber reasoning allowed Albert Einstein to hypothesize the theory of relativity that led us into the atomic age.  Francis Crick and James Watson were able to go beyond the conventional Civil Mind set and decipher the biological DNA control system that makes biological life forms function, evolve and replicate.

To open and free our minds and to understand that an evolving and open unbounded mind is as unique and rare in the universe as biological life itself..........This is the goal of Freeology!