[Division into two usually contradictory parts or opinions.]


           You and I and the major portion of animals have a neurological brain with two discernible hemispheres. Why have we biologically evolved in this manner? The most logical answer is that two processing centers working together promote the survival of individuals and the species.

           By analyzing right brain and left brain neurological activity it appears that fear, love, many of our emotions and beliefs are right brain processed.

           Left hemispheric brain activity appears to process the individuals sensual experiences in a more analytical and logical manner.

           Analog duality which is made possible by the two hemispheres of the brain no doubt allows a great amount of diversification and variation in the output of the human mind. In the normal human brain our emotions and beliefs appear to be processed in the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere of the brain normally processes knowledge.

           Freeology is a philosophical endeavor to help the individual live a fuller more rewarding life and to process knowledge within the realm of reality.