The BRAIN Conundrum

Your Brain, my Brain and everyone's Brain.

The seat of conscience that results in conflict.

The Dichotomy of

Right or Wrong, Love and Hate, Good and bad,

and yes even politically in the

United States of America, between the

Democrats & Republicans

Every one of the over 7,000,000,000 Human Beings

start off with a physical brain that has a biological

configuration similar to what most complex life forms possess.

This similarity is the Dichotomy of the brain into

 two physical hemispheres.

Our Brain is neurologically a memory system

that stores our experiences, knowledge and beliefs.

 The part of our Brain where the experience resides

determines how we experience and react within reality.


a theory that postulates a configuration of mind

 that allows each individual to better understand

 our relationship with the other

7 billion humans

 who share our




























































































It is your choice, open the box,

 become informed and vote!

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